“Laurie can crystallize 200 pages of incomprehensible technical information into three simple value propositions that emerge with compelling clarity. She sees the big picture, sticks with it, and never gets bogged down in details that don’t matter. That’s her forte.”

Former VP, Knowledge Management, CIBC

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“We were a small start-up when I first asked Laurie to help us with a proposal. Over the years she helped us with the toughest challenges and the most demanding deadlines. We bid against the biggest players and we won.”

Vice President, SyLogix

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“The first proposal we worked on together, I was skeptical. My Project Manager said, “Humour her, she knows what she’s doing.” Well was I in for a surprise. I talked to Laurie for one hour on the phone, and the next morning she had the entire executive summary in my Inbox. It hit the nail right on the head. I called her up and said, Do me a favour, would you? If you ever decide to go to the competition, let me know. Because that’s when I’ll quit.”

IT Account Manager

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Laurie is a genius.

JENNIFER PELOSSE, Top Performing Executive, IT Sales

Your innovative technology

has massive potential.

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Posted by PG on Oct 30, 2012

You are a young, small enterprise that manufactures trend-setting products. You know exactly how your technological innovations can improve other businesses’ bottom line—by reducing their costs, streamlining their processes, equipping them with a competitive edge,...

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Posted by PG on Oct 30, 2012

Believe it or not, your technology will not sell your technology. Your client’s business values will sell your technology. They may not have your technical know-how, they may not speak your “language,” and they do not have the time to fully understand the details...

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Posted by PG on Oct 30, 2012

This is why you need Laurie Soper. She can help you with proposals, white papers, website content, marketing material, branding, and operational documents. Since 1999 Laurie has been helping hi-tech firms simplify their most complex messages for fast-paced, demanding...

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Discover the power

of simplicity

and reduce the stress factor while you're at it.

Organize your entire project within one hour.

The outline of a proposal, white paper or website is all you need to organize the entire project. Sounds easy, but how do you produce an effective outline? You zero in on your prospective client’s needs, or the needs of your target market. Then you wrap your own product inside it. A one-hour brainstorming meeting with your project leaders is all it takes.

Organize your entire project team within one hour.

One of the biggest bottlenecks for hi-tech project teams is lack of direction and clarity about roles. Laurie will help you tap into each of your team member’s special expertise or skill, and assign them one or two tasks for the project. They concentrate on content, not style. You appoint a project manager who coordinates the timelines and becomes Laurie’s single point of contact. A one-hour team meeting is all it takes.

Focus on your core expertise and leave the rest to Laurie.

You may be accustomed to wasting innumerable hours figuring out how to write your message, how to edit it, how to design it. Forget about it. Just write what you know. Even better, stop writing and just start talking. Leave the writing, editing and design to Laurie. You will save an immense amount of valuable time and you can share a beer afterwards.

Learn the most powerful words in business sales.

You may already know that your most powerful competitive edge is not your technology. It’s the way you build relationships with your prospective clients. The same is true of your written material. The most powerful words in every sales document are you and we.

Learn how simplicity can affect your bottom line.

When asked why they awarded Laurie’s client (the dark horse) a $2-million dollar project against much bigger bidders, the executive of an international bank replied: “Three words: LOW BULLSHIT FACTOR.”

Learn the impact of value headings.

In any sales document, the headings say it all. The rest is just details. Work with Laurie and you will learn how powerful headings are when they capture the business value that your target market is looking for.


“It doesn’t matter who you have on your team. Laurie zeroes in on everyone’s particular expertise and will pick their brains until she gets exactly what she needs. Then she hands it back to you and says, Is this what you mean? And you look at it and your eyes pop and you say, How the heck did you do that?”

PAUL GRINNELL Director Business Development, CGI


“I’ve worked with Laurie for over a decade and bring her back at every opportunity. She asks questions nobody else dares to ask. She’s like an obnoxious detective. And you’ll thank her for it.”

EDWARD MOFFAT North American Accounts, Oracle


“Thanks to Laurie, I no longer waste time worrying about my writing. I just write what I know. And it ends up being pretty damn good. She taught me that most of us IT geeks are much better at writing than we think we are. We just have to shake the monkey off our backs.”

BONITA GIONET IT Project Manager

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