You were asking?

What kind of services do you offer?

Proposals are my specialty. I also offer white papers, website content, how-to guides, support information, educational material, operational documents, and branding packages.

How do you do it?

My role is catalyst: I ask questions that revolve around your market’s business and technological needs. Your answers to those questions frame the entire technical message. Your message emerges with startling clarity when based on your own spoken word. The results are instant and often dramatic.

I’m skeptical. Don’t you have to understand our technology first?

On the contrary, the process works only if I start from zero. The process of gaining understanding through a focused line of inquiry is what delivers the clarity—both to you and to your target market. You are the experts on your technology and your target market: I rely entirely on your own knowledge while you rely entirely on my gift for communications. Quite simply, I tap into your own brilliance.

Our technology is far too complex to articulate in plain language. Anyways, we are marketing to other techies who speak our language. Why do we need you?

Maybe you don’t need me. Are your sales brisk? Do your prospects respond positively to your website content, proposals and educational material? Do you find that your marketing production is efficient and worry-free? If so, carry on! My job is to help companies who are hitting bottlenecks, getting frustrated, spending far too much time and effort marketing themselves, and losing potential sales because of poor communications.

What’s the outcome of your special technique?

Other than maximizing your chances of reaching your target market, you will develop a whole new language around your product offering that will become a valuable asset throughout the life of your company.

This sounds far too easy. What’s the catch?

You are right: it is easy. Most tech teams do it the hard way because it’s the only way they know how. There is no catch. The process is straightforward and revolves around face-to-face team meetings.